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Industrial Production Lines

Alcon Development has developed industrial production lines, including solar panel assembly lines, in the former Soviet Union and the Middle East. In close collaboration with European vendors, we have also provided dynamic financing solutions for our clients.


Large-Scale Infrastructure Projects

Through our recent merger with SDI Group, Alcon Development has participated in building 11 civil engineering projects, with a total area of ​​900,000 square meters, and built and commissioned over 700 kilometers of roads and 25 tunnels and bridges.


Germany Market-Entry Consulting

Alcon Development has consulted some of the biggest names in business in the former Soviet Union, helping them set up German representative offices and identify and pursue commercial opportunities in Germany. Our speciality markets are Frankurt, Munich and Berlin. 


Post-Soviet Growth for EU Companies

Alcon Development has assisted a number of large European companies with participating in tenders in the former Soviet Union. After their successful bids, we helped these companies manage their projects on the ground – from staffing to language and logistics.