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Our Founder & CEO 

Mr. Ziya Gaziyev is the founder and CEO of Alcon Development. He is also a managing partner at Proto Global, an EU nutraceuticals company. Mr. Gaziyev was previously the chairman of the Azerbaijan Youth Euro-Atlantic Organization and an assistant to Member of Germany's Parliament (Bundestag) Petra Merkel. He was a PhD Candidate in Social Sciences at Humboldt University of Berlin. Mr. Gaziyev holds an MA in Peace and Conflict Studies from Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg and a BA in International Relations and International Law from Baku State University. He was also a research fellow in European Studies at the University of Freiburg.


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Our Vision

Alcon Development is a Germany-based company, specializing in large-scale infrastructure and real estate development projects, market-entry (with a particular focus on Europe, Russia and Eurasia) and business consulting, expert project management across a range of industries, and turnkey solutions in the agriculture and alternative energy sectors. We opened our doors in 2012 with the aim of becoming an EU market leader and a premiere international infrastructure development and business strategy company.

We've come far. The fact that some of the world's biggest companies – as well as governments in some of today's fastest growing emerging markets – rank among our clients suggests we are realizing our goal.


Our Values

Passion — All of us at Alcon Development love real estate development and our other sectors of activity, particularly market-entry and strategic business consulting.

Motivation — We are determined to be a market leader in real estate development, and to offer our diverse consulting clients an innovative array of business services and solutions. We are always looking for an edge in our operations, and we know that you are, too.

Focus — We pay attention to every detail — no matter how small — across all our areas of operation. We know what a difference thoroughness places for the bottom-line.

Confidence — We have unbridled faith in the members of our team, recognizing that our people are our greatest resource.