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Infrastructure Development Projects

Executing dynamic infrastructure projects for governments and private business globally

Real Estate
Development Across Europe and Beyond

Opening the door to profit and opportunity in Europe, Russia and the former Soviet Union

Market-Entry Consulting

Helping clients access and maximize their potential in a wide array of new markets

Alcon Development is a leading infrastructure and real estate development company based in Germany. We conduct a broad range of activities across the European Union and beyond — from infrastructure and real estate development to market-entry consultancy to alternative-energy and agricultural-sector project deployment to expert project management across a range of industries.

What We Do

From infrastructure development to market-entry support to assistance identifying and executing real estate development projects, Alcon Development offers clients reliable and quality services.

Here are some of the ways that we can help you and your company advance your business today:

  • For government clients, we can seamlessly execute large-scale infrastructure projects.
  • Help pinpoint and execute real estate development projects in Germany.
  • If you're an EU company operating in agriculture or alternative energy, we can help you develop your global business.
  • Manage your entry into any market in the European Union or post-Soviet space.
  • If your business hits a bump in the road, general consulting and problem-solving.
  • Networking and business matchmaking services with targeted stakeholders.
  • Provide expert project management across a range of industries and geographies.
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Real Estate Assets

Our Vision


Alcon Development Sets Sights on The Gambia

Alcon Development is eyeing opportunities in The Gambia.